Computer Policy of the Aldrich Library

Computer Use Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines

User's Responsibilites

The Aldrich Free Publick Library does not restrict access to Internet Content. Parents or guardians, NOT THE LIBRARY, are responsible for the quality and accuracy of Internet information accessed by their children.

Computer Use Policy

1. Public access computers are available to all library users. For Internet use, an adult must accompany children under the age of 17 or the children must have signed permission from a parent/guardian.
2. Library staff is available to help users get started, but are not able to provide in-depth instruction, except when classes or tutoring are offered.
3. Computer sessions are limited to a half hour. The staff has the right to cancel computer use at any time.
5. The cost of printing is .10 a page for black and white and .25 for color.
6. Misuse or abuse of library equipment will result in suspension of privileges. Users are financially responsible for any damage they cause.
7. Commercial or illegal use of library computers is not allowed. Pornographic material many not be accessed or created. Users are responsible for obeying copyright laws.
8.The library reserves the right to modify this policy.



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