History of Aldrich Library


David L. Aldrich donated $3,000 towards the construction of a public library upon his death in 1889. This was done under the condition that the residents of Moosup raise the same amount within three years. The total cost came to $7,000 with Edwin Milner, his business partner contributing another $3,000 and the town raising $1,000.

On March 25, 1892, a meeting in Milner's Hall was held to form a permanent library association and to elect its officers. Mr. Edwin Milner was elected President. Building and by-laws committees were appointed. It was voted that the Association be known at the Aldrich Free Public Library.
On Washington's Birthday, February 22, 1896, the Aldrich Library was first officially open to the public. The first book catalog dated April 1896 is still available at the library today.

First Board of Directors

Floyd Cranska
John E. Prior
William Greaves
Mrs. John H. Milner
Mrs. E.M. Andrews
Miss Bertha Sprague
Mrs. Charles Bragg

Miss Louisa Maggia writes in her brief history of the Aldrich Library dated April 1976:

The first librarian was Mr. John E.Prior who was in charge of the library, worked on every book committee, and made regular reports to the Association. His assistant librarian, who actually served as librarian dispensing books, is unknown. The first assistant librarian as we know a librarian to be, was Mrs. Lucy Grover, who began her services in 1903. She was followed by Mrs. Freelove Sanderson, the mother of the late George Sanderson who served as the librarian for many years. Following Mrs. Freelove Sanderson were: Mrs. Florence Battey, mother of Robert Battey. Other librarians who served: Mrs. Ernest Wilson, Mrs. Almond Colvin (formerly Evelyn Salisbury), Mrs. John Ramsay, and Mrs. John Fanning. Much appreciation should be given to all these women for they served this community because of their love of books and children, for their salaries were so low.

Miss Louise Maggia's book is also available at the library.

The library has been used over time by the school system for grade school classes and by the Boy Scouts. In 1965, over $4,000 was raised to add a rest room and to do major renovation. In April 1976, the basement was finished to provide a Children's Area.

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