iConn at Aldrich Library

How do I use iConn? Follow the directions below

or visit the iConn welcome screen.

Welcome to iCONN!

This brief introduction will describe the many things you can do from the main keyword search screen. You should be at that screen now. First, notice that your cursor is already positioned in the Search box.

  • If you type in a keyword or a phrase, and then click on the Search button, iCONN will search thousands of magazines, journals, newspapers, business & health information, reQuest, the Statewide Library Catalog, and more.
    • Notice that it's already checked to limit your search to full-text articles. If you uncheck that selection, you will obtain citation-only results as well.
  • To perform a more complex search, such as limiting your search to one specific magazine, or to a date range, click on Advanced Search.
  • To search specific resources, click on either the Select iCONN Resources or Link to Individual Resources buttons in the center of the screen.
    • If you click on Select iCONN Resources, you will be able to search any one or any combination of databases, and clicking on the little “i” icon next to each database will tell you more about that resource. You can also click on the database title to search only that database using its own search interface.
    • If you click on Link to Individual Resources, each database will display with a brief description of the database contents. Click on the database title to search only that database using its own search interface.
  • To search only the statewide library catalog, click on Search reQuest – the Statewide Library Catalog
  • To search individual library catalogs, or to view a library’s home page, click on Find Library Home Pages & Catalogs
  • If you need assistance, click on Contact Your Library for Assistance to obtain the contact information for your library. You can also click on the Help button in the upper right portion of the screen, and the Tips & FAQs at the bottom of the screen.
  • Link to Additional Resources is a subject guide to a large number of freely accessible resources on the open Web
  • Finally, notice that there are several links in green at the bottom of the screen. Check out the Tips & FAQs for answers to specific questions, and also the Site Map for more destinations. And don’t forget the Help button on the menu bar at the top of the screen.


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